Mark Duenas’ son, Jacob Duenas, has been arrested for child molestation.

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Should Jacob’s upcoming trial, beginning March 7, 2016 show the ongoing Trial Transcript on this website?


Mark Duenas was convicted of killing his wife of 33 years. He is currently serving 25 years to life. Mark maintains his innocence.  Link to the documented ongoing appeal process.

Mark said Karen was murdered at approximately 12:56 A.M., after 18-yr-old son Casey arrived home at 12:30. 

Law enforcement believed Karen was murdered earlier at 10:15 PM, when others including the neighbors across the road heard a woman scream, which gave Mark time to wash & dry his bloody clothes.

Law Enforcement believed Mark altered the scene.  

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QUOTE:  "The majority of prosecutors are hard working people who seek justice for victims. Jumping on any bandwagon that claims wrongful conviction without any consideration, let alone respect, for the prosecution’s case against that person doesn’t make you an effective advocate, it makes you naive— at best.”  Quote: BeeBee of Sleuthing for Justice.


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